Pete 'gets arrested' for charity!

Onlookers in Queen Square were somewhat bemused to see Pete arrested and bundled up in the back of a marked police van.

Thankfully, his professional reputation remain untarnished as it was all part of a stunt organised by local charity, @One community based in Keynsham.

Peter said "I’m always happy to help raise funds for a good cause, although I have to say that it was slightly embarrassing being handcuffed and shoved in a police vehicle in the busy lunch hour with people taking photos of me. The handcuffs really do hurt your wrists!"

@One Community Trust is a local charity which provides activities and services for young people of all ages regardless of colour or creed. It aims to be a local alternative to the traditional youth service and youth club, and is desperately needed in Keynsham.  The centre is based in a 5-bedroom former rectory and is open to all young people, particularly those at risk of anti-social behaviour and crime. @One is currently engaged in providing outward-bound and sporting pursuits, managing a large vegetable garden, learning and exploring music.

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