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Here at Genius, we are always on the look-out for tools and tips to help solve our clients’ resourcing headaches. So we certainly pricked up our ears when one of our partners launched - a finely tuned ‘chat technology’ that enables employers to engage with candidates at different stages of the journey, using their most valuable current assets (their people) to attract and inspire potential new talent.

Many employers share an anxiety around using social media, and specifically around managing potential negative or tricky conversations. MeetandEngage sweeps away these concerns by providing all the interactivity and immediacy that today’s socially-driven talent pools are (largely) comfortable with, but with the ‘safety net’ of a fully moderated and managed chat session.

From sessions allowing graduates to probe line managers, recruiters and recent graduate employees; to private one on one chats enabling hard to find candidates to discuss key roles, to carrying out polls and surveys giving you insight and opinion on key topics – MeetandEngage will support them all.

So if your brand-led resourcing activity currently feels a bit one-way, this platform is definitely worth exploring. Visit the website or give Genius a call on 0117 933 0956 and we’ll lead the way.