How To Get Your Ad Noticed

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It’s a tough and crowded market out there when it comes to getting the attention of job seekers online. Candidates often find themselves scanning over hundreds of postings looking for the perfect job. So how do you ensure yours gets noticed? It’s not just about the positioning of the ad. Once a candidate has found it, they also need to be persuaded to actually read it.

How many times have you seen a job ad which is clearly just a job description copied and pasted, in the hope that candidates have the time and patience to read through it? Often these tell you nothing about the culture of the company, or its USP.

CareerBuilder recently carried out some research which discovered that 75% of job seekers say a job posting’s look and feel influences their decision to apply.

We think a good job posting should include the following:

  • Company name and logo – don’t opt for the cheap and cheerful unbranded listing. Branded ads increase views and applications by 20%*.
  • Job title – keep this simple and to the point and make sure it contains keywords which are easily searchable.
  • Salary – wherever possible, include a salary on your ad. Candidates are much more likely to click on a posting where the salary is listed, rather than stated as ‘excellent’ or ‘competitive’.
  • Company Overview – this is where you sell what your company has to offer. What is your USP? What’s the culture like? This will allow you to filter out candidates who don’t share the same values as you.
  • Job Description – don’t include a long list of bullet points. Just focus on the main responsibilities and how the role will fit within the team.
  • Qualifications - be sure to list which skills are ‘must have’ and those that are simply ‘desirable.’

We always recommend our clients have their advertisement professionally copywritten to ensure they are getting the most out of every job posting. This can be a small investment but can be the difference between candidates bothering to read your ad and applying, or it being lost amongst the hundreds of other listings out there.

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