Break the Cycle - the 101 miles in one day Bristol Charity Cycling Challenge

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So with only three days to go to Bristol Charity Cycling Challenge I can’t believe it’s come around again so quickly. Now in its fourth year, Genius is immensely proud to be sponsoring this fantastic charity event. I am also really looking forward to cycling the event with my three fellow team members: Andrew Hodgson (KPMG), Julian Hoskins (Bevan Britten) and Jonathan Eldridge (Knee Specialists).

Why aren’t the rest of my team from Genius I hear you say? Why indeed – I have been nagging them all for months but strangely no one has put themselves forward. However Deb McCormick (Genius Account Director) has forced her husband Dave to participate so good for you Dave!

The route...

This Sunday, over 200 cyclists will depart from the Memorial Stadium in Bristol and cycle to Kingsholm in Gloucester via the Recreation ground in Bath. Passing through some of the most scenic (not to mention hilly) roads through Gloucestershire, we stop for lunch at the ground in Kingsholm before setting off straight back to the Memorial ground.  The only tricky part of the route is getting out of Gloucester but other than that it’s a good run - all in all about 101 miles – assuming you don’t get lost like we did last year when we managed to add eight miles to our trip! I wasn’t popular with my team!

A big thank you...

Now for a lot of people this is one enormous commitment and it will have taken a tremendous amount of training and time commitment – so to those individuals, you have my total admiration. It’s also great that so many people spend the time chasing up family, friends, colleagues and business associates for sponsorship – it’s also irritating to be persistently asked, as I am sure a few of you are, but all I can say is it makes a big difference to the charity and without the funds many, many children would be disadvantaged – so thanks to those of you that have helped.

The cause...

This event has grown every year and it’s now a vital source of funding for Bristol Rugby Community Foundation – such needed funds have helped 15,000 disaffected youngsters through the Future Stars rugby programme which is a phenomenal number.

Find out more...

For those that want to know more, visit

All that’s left to do is cycle the event now – here’s to some decent weather this Sunday.