CIPD Recruitment Marketing Awards

I had the lovely job of judging the best graduate initiative this year for the CIPD Recruitment Marketing Awards. It's great that the industry is recognised for its hard work and of course it's good to be asked to take part.

Judging the work clearly involves scoring the entries. In this particular category there were three main criteria - concept, effectiveness and execution. The graduate category attracts large campaigns with everything from DVDs, on campus activities, brochures and apps. The quality of the entries was exceptionally high in this category, however although an entry may look like the most amazing campaign ever, if it's not engaging or effective then it's not going to win.

In terms of trends, there's a shift towards developing online assessment tools into something much more fun like games, for example, which test perseverance, attention to detail, ability to work to deadlines and numerical skills. There's some very impressive thinking going on at the moment and it's great to see clients investing in this area again.

Best of luck to those who entered - the awards night is on 16th July 2014. Hopefully they'll have me back...

Janice Rae, Genius

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