Uk Recruitment Trends Report From Broadbean Technology

Broadbean, the recruitment advert posting and candidate response tracking technology provider, has produced a very encouraging report on recruitment trends in 2013.

In general, the number of vacancies advertised online increased by 5.5% during 2013, with most change in the second half of the year. Application levels stayed high during 2013 which is predictable in a period of high employment, but the fact that it has remained high as the level of unemployment has reduced suggests that there is increasing confidence in the job market and people are more willing to move jobs.

Broadbean found that recovery was experienced at some level across most sectors, with 30 of the 48 economic sectors they monitor showing an increase in number of vacancies, and a relatively small decline for the other 18, which is good news considering the past economic situation. The top five sectors in 2013, in terms of volume of vacancies, were Automative, Medical & Nursing, Building & Construction, Pharmaceuticals, and Banking.

The report concludes that the operational data from Broadbean, when viewed together with recent positive news stories and the optimistic sentiment of their clients, suggests that there’s a reason to be cheerful, but they caution that future growth is governed by many factors, including external ones such as changes to the banking system, the health of the Eurozone and the UK’s debt burden.

This report reflects our experience – we have noticed that employers are becoming more confident. They are reviewing their candidate attraction strategies and investing again. A higher number of vacancies are being advertised, the ads are appearing in more media (there have been many more print ads) and there is generally more movement in the jobs market.

All in all, 2014 is shaping up to be a very exciting year!