Microsites – what are they and why would I want one?

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What is it?

A recruitment microsite is a smaller version of a full careers website, enabling you to have a relevant and engaging web presence which you can build and develop over time. A microsite can act as a central hub for all recruitment advertising activity, whether it be job listings, social media, Pay Per Click advertising, ambient media or internal communications.

How will it help my advertising campaign?

A microsite has more space for ‘selling’ the opportunities within your company and allows this to be done in a creative way that tends to be much more impactful than simply directing candidates to your corporate site. Starting from scratch with a microsite allows you to include keyword-rich content, increasing your chances of ranking more highly on search engines. You also have complete control over design. This kind of flexibility is often something that is not available when trying to integrate content into your company’s corporate site architecture. Microsites remove the distractions viewing some corporate sites can bring. Main site navigation is removed, as well as footers and other less important elements. The user is focused purely on the campaign and associated calls to action.

Furthermore, investing in a dedicated microsite gives candidates the impression that you are investing in recruitment and the future of the company, an important message if you want to attract the very best candidates.

What else?

Microsites have a unique URL which are designed to be easy for candidates to remember and which can feature an assortment of keywords that will help the microsite to achieve a strong ranking in the search results of Google and other top search engines. All our microsites are mobile optimised, an important consideration, given that 25-35% of the traffic to most websites is now arriving via mobile devices. A microsite is often a more affordable option than building a dedicated careers website for your recruitment strategy. A microsite gives you flexibility in design, control over content and can be designed and built in just days rather than weeks.

Some microsites we’ve built