Genius Seminar - Social Media for Recruitment

On Thursday, we hosted two very interesting round-table sessions exploring the world of social media recruitment. With a select number of clients including recruitment and search consultants, and those representing sectors including IT and law, we explored the increasingly significant role of social media across our professional and personal lives.

What became clear around the table was that despite the hype and constantly changing nature of the various social recruiting channels, tools and packages; the real value of online networks is that they simply make it easier to do ‘old fashioned’ networking and relationship building. Within the groups, we’ve variously used social media to research and reach out to individuals and groups, seeing the greatest success when that translates into meetings and face to face contact.

A key theme of the day was ‘personalisation’ – identifying and segmenting your audience and delivering high quality, relevant content in order to cement a relationship. Whether you share relevant blogs or news stories, create opinion pieces and ask question of your peers - or even better, a mix of everything – we saw how visual content – video, infographics, photos – improves engagement at all levels.

The aim for many is to use social media to create and nurture engaged talent pools, lessening the amount of time, resource and money necessary to fulfil resourcing requirements across the board.       

We concluded that, looking to the year ahead, resourcers and employers will continue to experiment and develop how they use social media, with the creation of talent banks being a key trend.