May 2013. This month...

It’s a bit difficult to identify what has been keeping us busy in May, it’s probably easier to say "everything"! From settling in brand new clients, understanding updated versions of existing solutions, to assessing several of the new recruitment products available and planning campaigns for the coming legal sector season, added to a steady churn of senior level roles from our consultancy clients, all means we have barely stopped for breath! Anyway, it has meant that we have postponed all non-essential media meetings for a few weeks so we can catch up – sorry, guys – you know things are serious when we turn down lunch dates! We hope to see you all very soon.

“Judge Janice” has gotten us talking about the up-and-coming CIPD Recruitment Marketing Awards. She joined a panel of judges to debate on the entries and reward the best work in our industry and was selected to look after the Best Use of Video and Best Use of Social Media – two fab categories. There were lots of good entries and happily some outstanding ones which have been shortlisted and all will be revealed on the night. The CIPD RMA’s are being held on 10th July…. for more info on the shortlist see

We’ve discovered that… some international campaigns are more difficult than others. We have spent a lot of time recently researching and placing ad campaigns stretching across the globe, from engineers in Switzerland and Germany, sales people in America and C-suite level executives also in America, to name but a few. But nothing could have prepared us for the sheer level of tenacity and persistence that is required to place roles across Asia Pacific. We estimate it has taken (so far) some 138 emails and over two dozen phone calls (bearing in mind the 8-hour time difference) to manage a campaign for senior level sales roles.

We’ve also discovered that... Jenna is an absolute daredevil – here is a picture of her skydiving above Taupo on her recent holiday to New Zealand – looking good, Jen!


Oddly, it was the team reaction to a recent night out which made us laugh the heartiest in recent weeks! We were all so determined to go and see The Great Gatsby that we went out on a Tuesday – well, to start off with we could barely keep our eyes open long enough to order some food, and the conversation was slow as we all stocked up on some mid-week carbs to fake some energy. By the time we reached the cinema, though, normal service was resumed and a shared bag of Starbursts kept us going through the 2.5 hour movie. The Genius review: so-so - looks nice, felt insubstantial, and Beyonce sounded dreadful. Leo – we’ve always liked. Tobey – grating narrative. Carey – good frocks. Pete is angling for the next trip to be to see “Bradley Wiggins – My Story in Lycra” but there’s been no takers so far, strangely…

And apologies for the repetition but in June we are (still) looking forward to… the Genius 3rd birthday party! For many reasons (including staff holidays, a veeery heavy workload, Pete & Janice needing to oversee a good deal of electrical work on the Queen Square office, and avoiding a clash with our sister company Sprague Gibbons’ night out (thanks everyone!), we have postponed the party until July. Details are scant at present, perhaps whilst Pete hides the company credit card, Janice wonders if we could go to the River Cottage Canteen in Clifton AGAIN, the rest of us start stressing about our outfits, and Jenna makes a cake every week ‘to practice’.