Good customer service and the media

Recently, we’ve had a couple of useful meetings with media reps who we feel are doing a great job for us - Martin Cheng at the Economist and David Evans at Jobsite stood out in particular.

Afterwards, the team got onto the subject of what we think makes a good media rep. What is it about these guys that’s so impressive and why do we really rate them? Firstly, perhaps, it’s that they're genuinely pleasant people who we’d choose to spend time with. At Genius, we put a lot of emphasis on being friendly and approachable and we appreciate this in our media contacts as our clients do in us.

It’s also the level of attention that they give to every query we have, and the knowledge that if we call them at 5pm on a Friday with an urgent request not only will they be in the office but they’ll also be happy to help us.

Neither Martin nor David have a hard sell approach but they both give us the confidence and right level of information to advise our clients. They're also responsive to feedback. The fact that we can trust them to do a good job makes our lives easier.

And we certainly realise that this trust goes two ways - they also have faith in us to understand our clients’ needs and constraints and communicate them so that we’re all working towards a successful outcome.

So thank you David and Martin and the tens of other media reps who are doing a great job for us – we do appreciate you!