How up-to-date is your EVP?

The recent report into employment trends from the CIPD made for interesting reading. Whilst things remain relatively balanced in the private sector (one assumes unless you're a high street retailer) there is a distinct pinching of pennies throughout, and a feeling that whilst at exec/senior level talent is simply not moving (probably in fear of the the uncertain economic climate) whilst at entry-level and even mid-manager/mid-career level, there's a whiff of desperation and panic amongst jobseekers as redundancies and cutbacks change the employment landscape (and perhaps a sense that a wave of applications can easily swamp the inboxes and ATSs of recruitment teams?).

Companies can quite easily prioritise the active and engaged candidates who have browsed their recruitment websites and gotten in touch via social media, as advertising spend in trade and news press continues to decline and the more traditional experience of wading through lots of ads instead of receiving jobs "perfectly matched to your skills and requirements" delivered via a handy daily email seems as future-proof as buying electrical goods from, you know, like, a shop.

So, a decreasing desire to spend less on a multitude of unsuitable candidates via often pricey high street recruitment agencies, a disappointing lack of interest from senior/technical/professional level candidates, and an entry/non-professional market where jobseekers are looking for 'something/anything' - with smaller pots of money with which to achieve still demanding headcounts. Where next?

It was telling that 75% of the CIPD's surveyed organisations had made efforts to improve their employer brand over the last year. This needs to continue. A strong brand will help attract the right candidates at all levels, ensure applicants clearly understand what they need in order to join that undoubtedly 'successful team', and projects them head & shoulders above the competition for the people with the closest cultural fit. It will manage expectations, attract people who understand exactly what you're about and compel the most valuable employees to remain loyal.

The benefits continue; a strong and well-executed brand will keep candidates engaged throughout a possibly lengthy recruitment process, help develop the potential of your existing talent pool and control the costs for vacancy fulfilment, now at an average of £8k (senior) and £3k (other employees).

So, the majority of organisations have identified the importance of a strong employer brand. Jolly good. But all too often the Employer Value Proposition (EVP) is researched, developed, created, tested and launched (for sizeable companies this can be an eye-wateringly lengthy process) and then left to trundle along with perhaps a quarterly staff magazine, occasional website update and a reward for the employee who has 'most successfully embodied the Company values this year'. To remain vibrant, to develop the story and most of all to remain true and reflective of 'what it is like to work for company X' (that's what an employer brand is, after all), a regular employee engagement survey could be a critical tool. Genius can offer this expert service with business partners who have been successfully doing this for over 12 years. Offering the research and improved execution behind an employer brand means you can leverage authentic messages to attract and retain the best. If you'd like to find out more, please call Ali Hackett on 0117 933 0956.