February 2013. This month...

It really has been the month of the proposal here at Genius House. No, not of the wedding kind, but an avalanche of large, innovative and terribly informative proposal documents have been keeping us busy.., with a large proportion of them being for apprenticeships, training contracts and school leavers… just in time for National Apprenticeship Week next week (w/c 11th March, http://ow.ly/in2hq).

This certainly tallies with research just released by the National Apprenticeship Service which reveals a 41% year-on-year rise in online applications for apprenticeships. Although limited to just online activity, this represents over 10 applications for each role – and is likely to get even more competitive as the pinch from university tuition fees and general economic malaise amongst our emerging talent becomes increasingly attracted to alternative career paths.

As is usual for agency life, if they are all signed off at the same time, we will be splendidly swamped with work, but fingers crossed that’s the case anyway.

Our Genius Easter card has gotten us talking... We were wondering just how popular sending Easter cards is - outside of those of us who make fluffy yellow efforts with small children, or just because we like doing it (Katherine, we’re looking at you!)? Anyway, do return here nearer Easter to see the card, we think it’s creative, effective and charming. Just like us!   

We’ve discovered that... (well, it’s more of a confirmation than the newest news), but still, we continue to be astounded at just how sophisticated the UK online recruitment market is in comparison with other countries. The sheer range of broad and niche websites, the breadth of available inventory, and all the ways in which we can help our clients tell their stories and attract their candidates is pretty much unparalleled. And don’t get us started on analytics! This is particularly surprisingly so in the United States, where we have spent a great deal of time trying to be creative. It’s such  and , to far less success than you’d imagine.

What has made us laugh this month...? In a word, goating. Trust us, you will love this: http://ow.ly/in2WV 


And we are very much looking forward to.... the Bake Sale we will be holding in Queen Square on Friday 15th March in support of Red Nose Day. Come by at lunchtime and sample some of our yummy cakes; we're planning on baking some sticky sweet flapjacks, some 'grab 'em on the run' cup cakes, a rich and decadent chocolate cake, a chipper Cherry Bakewell - and probably some burnt bits that we'll hide at the bottom!