What do I need to think about when writing a recruitment ad?

We work with a lot of recruitment consultancy clients who write ads for their clients and here at Genius House we often discuss what makes a good recruitment ad. Although there are various opinions on this, there are some general points on which we all agree and we thought it might be useful to share these.

  • Remember the basics

When possible, it’s best to state the salary and location on an ad. It sounds obvious but you’d be surprised at how many recruiters either forget this or choose not to include these details. These are deciding factors for many candidates and some won’t apply without this information. Even if the location is not the most attractive one, not declaring it might just result in candidates withdrawing later. There are many reasons for not including the salary, but do bear in mind that this could have an impact on the response.

  • Who are your audience?

It’s important to get the content and tone of the ad right. Including appropriate technical terms may mean that your ad strikes a chord with the right people but too much jargon can put off candidates. You also need to consider the formality of the language, and whether it reflects your company culture and the type/level of position.

  • Ask the expert

In relation to the point above, having an ad copywritten could be a very worthwhile investment. Copywriters can often communicate exactly what you want to get across but in a much more engaging way. For larger scale campaigns copywriting can ensure a consistent message. Even if you’re not in a position to make use of it frequently, it should still be kept up your sleeve for hard-to-fill and/or complex positions, and campaigns running across a variety of channels.

  • Sell the role

Don’t forget that the best candidates are highly in demand and you need to give them a reason to choose your role and your company over another one. Identify what your points of difference are and remember to refer to these in the ad. A whole host of different things could make your position or workplace more appealing to the right candidates – financial rewards are obvious plus points but it could also be extra training, close-by parking, or a great work/life balance that make all the difference.

  • Watch your spelling and grammar

Poor spelling and grammar in recruitment ads can give candidates a bad impression of the company and it’s a very easy thing to fix. There are no excuses!

  • Don’t lose them

Make it clear to candidates how they can apply and where they can turn if they need further information. If you’re directing candidates to a page on your website, check that the job details are on there and there’s a way of applying. If they should email their application, make sure that you provide the correct email address. And when a client does make contact, respond quickly so they know you are organised and you do value their application.

This is just the tip of the iceberg but, as a starter for ten, these should point you in the right direction.