Apprentices - they needn't be second best!

For the past couple of years, there’s been a lot of noise around apprenticeships, with the government keen for businesses to reverse the skills shortage and help with reducing the number of NEETS and various media calling on the Government to adopt the systems of other European companies, such as Germany.

There’s no doubt that apprentices can be a great addition to a business – lists the many benefits: the enthusiasm, youthful energy, technological know-how and the fact that they are low-cost labour.

However, many organisations have found it difficult to take on apprentices due to cost and time barriers. Others aren’t confident that an apprentice would have the motivation and potential to benefit their business in the long-term.

However, with the rising cost of university courses, many of the brightest are looking at alternative routes. Wiley employers have cottoned onto this, and we’ve seen a growth in the number of post-A –level trainee positions that are being advertised. If employers offer an attractive enough proposition and promote their opportunities, they can recruit high achievers who are keen to explore new options for their future. Our client, TLT’s ‘Leap into Law’ programme is a perfect example of such a scheme – we almost wish we were at the start of our careers and could apply ourselves!