April 2013. This month...

A set of new clients have been keeping us busy this month. We’re deep into the research and development phase for a major new client in the engineering sector, and were thrilled to have the creative concepts for the new recruitment website signed off last week. This is just the first step - Genius are providing a complete package of support across the recruitment process, stretching from the attraction strategy and material, to managing and screening applications. It’s always exciting to be so immersed in a client, and we’re looking forward to delivering some great service.  We’re also working on a new website and attraction strategy for a strong advertising brand; we’re helping them to develop a new direct recruitment brand and process, so it’s another interesting journey we’re taking them on.

And it’s still mobile recruitment that’s gotten us talking... The first (hopefully of many) Genius seminars “Engaging with talent on the move” took place on the 26th April at our office in Queen Square. HR specialists with a range of differing requirements were able to explore why communicating with your target audience via mobile phones is the most vibrant topic within recruitment right now. The sessions were intimate and engaging and we think, offered a great deal of food for thought. If you missed out, please get in touch, we’d love to chat about it with you.

We’ve discovered that... people really are rather generous.  On 28th April, Janice and Deborah and their families took part in the annual Bluebell Walk for the Children’s Hospice South West. As we had one very small child, and a husband with a poorly foot, we only walked one mile but still managed to raise a fantastic £400! Thanks one and all – your support is really appreciated! Here’s a pic of our motley crew enjoying a cup of tea afterwards.


As part of our mobile seminar, Pete sourced some ‘vintage’ mobiles for us to compare with today’s handsets. Some participants fondly remembered the briefcases needed to hold the batteries and the arm-ache you’d get from hefting a 6lb phone to your ear. Others took snaps – like this one of Jenna  – and used their razor-thin phones to share them with friends in Australia and their 1428 followers, whilst Katherine created a video of a cat waterski-ing using one of the phones, which certainly made us laugh!


And in May, we are looking forward to... celebrating our third birthday! It’s almost hard to believe, but yes, it was in May 2010 that Pete and Janice created Genius. That same month, the General Election was roughly won by the Conservatives and Lib Dems, the planet Jupiter lost a stripe (it’s true!), and the winner in the Eurovision Song Contest was Germany (it was Lena, with “Satellites”, if you’ve forgotten). We’re betting that all of these things barely registered with Pete and Janice as it was such a spectacularly busy time….. In true agency style, we will be organising a birthday party with cakes and balloons somewhere soon!