November 2012. This month...

We’ve been busy with… well, luckily, lots of things! After moving last month, we’re settling in nicely to our new offices in beautiful Queen Square, and are thrilled that the dusty building work - to transform the Boardroom somewhat back to former glories - is finally finished. Our desks have been pretty busy, too, with a range of senior level executive roles to plan and advertise for, delivering collateral for graduate fairs (including Kindles as competition prizes, which we designed some gorgeous branded covers for), preparing a strategy and schedule for a large 2012/13 graduate campaign and executing an exciting PPC and social media strategy. We’ve also put together several proposals for clients both old and new, ranging from web builds, to online chat tools, web tagging, interviewing and response management, ATS systems and some of the more standard advertising stuff – it’s what we do after all!

The massive potential of social recruiting has gotten us talking, again. Although using the likes of Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter for engaging with candidates is hardly new, there definitely seems to be some groundswell building up amongst our clients, and across the industry in general.  This month, we’ve been on SEO training, talked at length about various ways of using Facebook, including of course the new app (conclusion: not convincing yet) and ‘ghosted’ as clients to establish strong, credible content.

We’ve discovered that writing a good blog is more difficult than you might think! We want you to get to know us, we want to share some of the good stuff that we know, and at the end of the day, we want you to like us. Feel free to drop us a line, share the good stuff that you know, and see if you like us, too :

Pete’s moustache has made us laugh. He is rather gamely growing some gorgeous face furniture in aid of an orphanage in Kinshasha ( and the team in the office have joined in with some fake ‘taches, so we don’t feel we’re missing out! Luckily, we can take ours off at the end of the day, whereas Pete is having to grin and bear the tickly regrowth. 

We’re looking forward to planning for Christmas, of course! It may seem like quite a way off yet but in the advertising industry, we’re used to planning to ensure we get the balance right between the numerous social events and keeping our clients happy.  Jenna is already busy, planning where the office Christmas tree will go, and what carols we’ll be belting out for the month.