Communicating in the right way, with a plan brimful of effective media, marketing and materials, will save you money in the first instance and help you make money in the long run. Not only that, but your campaigns can bolster and complement your overarching product brands and company identity. Basically, it's a great idea to take your marketing seriously, and to make it work for you.

At Genius, we want to fix this, so that everything your company does – and everything that is seen – in the marketplace is, quite simply, brilliant. This all starts with a strategy. That might simply be ensuring your ads represent you well and are effective in sorting the wheat from the chaff. Or it might be a full range of marketing and branding that serve to elevate your image and oil your Marketing department into a finely honed machine. But, small or large, long or short term, your communications path has to have a beginning, middle and an end. And that's where we come in.