Internal Communication

Strong communications fortify and support your workforce, as well as reflecting your organisation externally in a positive and proactive light.

At Genius, we can help you create a portfolio of internal media and messages that inform, advise, and even entertain your audience, reinforcing your relationship with the people most vital to your business. By making people feel truly part of your company and its success, you indirectly pass on a welcoming, well-informed, and – simply – happy personality to your clients.

Some of the great communications tools we can help you to develop include new joiner packs, refer-a-friend schemes, retention initiatives, education and information programmes, staff surveys, and relocation support materials.

Of course, as with everything Genius, we're not bound to a set formula. If you want employee communications that are vibrant, creative and groundbreaking, we can help. Equally, if this is new territory and you want a steer in the right direction, we'll happily guide you step by step.