We know what branding is. It's complex.

The myriad processes that create a company's reputation bear so little relationship to the ‘Branding Models' so beloved of advertising agencies, we're embarrassed that some parts of our industry still place such faith in them.

We don't do ugly duckling to swan transformations in six easy steps. We can't promise to throw a harness around your company's reputation and steer it where you'd like it to go.

But we will use common sense and research to identify specific points of reputational vulnerability and come up with ways it can be nudged in the right direction. That could be anything from tightening up the consistency of messaging to leveraging your network. It will most definitely include strategies to ensure your audience, your most important brand ambassadors, appreciate what makes the company important and special, and how they can support and drive the messaging to ensure it stays relevant and useful.

Whatever the answer is, it won't come dressed up in nonsensical marketing jargon. Nine times out of ten, these are practical problems and they respond to practical solutions.