Marketing is all about people and it’s personalities that make our world go round. We hope at Genius that the care we've taken to assemble a team of people who are not just marketing specialists, but are also really nice people, who will shine through in all your dealings with us. We find this approach makes the flow of work much smoother and more effective. You can reach your goals quicker, and we can be more creative with our solutions. Discussion and collaboration is the only way we can move forward with the kinds of projects we take on. So it's vital that we all get on. So get in touch, even just for a general chat about your marketing plans. We can start from there.

Peter Gibbons

Peter Gibbons,
Managing Director

Peter’s unparalled enthusiasm and exploratory nature means there is little in the communications world that he has not developed, built, or bought the t-shirt for (lycra, of course). Peter can normally be found eating in the local restaurants. If not there, he’s chatting to clients on the phone or out cycling on one of his many roadbikes.

John Langford

John Langford,

John’s first job in advertising involved molten lead and printing blocks. Prior to this, he variously worked as a tea boy for a bomb disposal squad comprising ex-SS troopers, once got fired for sinking a ship, and got hired the same day to launch one. Played an Argentinian in the Falklands War pre-embarkation exercise. All in all the perfect grounding for a life in advertising, where he has been; a copywriter, director, web guru and wine bar revenue generator. Think of him as the 'Swiss Army Knife' of advertising - he does everything. When not working, he flies things.

Pascal Holt

Pascal Holt,
Creative Director

Pascal is a brand guy to the core. With 22 years' experience of developing engaging brands and 43 creative gongs needing a regular polish, you could say he eats, sleeps and drinks brands. Growing up in rural Ireland listening to the Seanchaí tell their stories of the great and good of Irish folklore, over the years he has drawn upon their range of storytelling conventions, styles and gestures to help some of the world’s biggest brands attract and engage with candidates and employees through their own memorable brand stories.

Deborah McCormick

Deborah McCormick,
Account Director

Deborah is here to ensure that we deliver what we promise – on brief, on time, on budget and with a smile on our faces. A happy pedant, she can’t help spotting typos in menus, signs, books, websites... and don’t get her started on txt spk...

Sarah Asprey

Sarah Asprey,
Client Partner

As Client Partner, Sarah’s 20 years’ experience in marketing, PR, branding and digital means she applies a great deal of creative thinking to client problems and delivers solutions with real value and impact. She'd love you to believe she spends her spare time travelling, skiing and blowing off steam at the gym, but after a glass or two of decent red wine, she's equally happy with a gripping book, good TV drama and a microwave dinner.

Jenna Smith

Jenna Smith,
Senior Account Executive

Jenna is the hub of the Genius office, always able to deliver the vital information that keeps things on track. She’s committed to delivering the very best client service, and enjoys keeping up to speed with the latest developments.

Mark Ruse

Mark Ruse,

Whether it’s fitting text and images into a job at work or fitting stuff into the dishwasher at home, he’s your man. Prefers motorbikes to cars.

Paul Watson

Paul Watson,
Web Developer

Is 6' 5". In every sense a towering figure in web development. Starting out life as a graphic designer he moved online early and is that rarest of creatures - a web designer who can actually design. Worryingly, he is also extremely handy with databases and technical stuff. This scares his creative colleagues. He once emigrated to Thailand where he was the tallest person on the island, but after 6 months discovered that a man can only eat so much rice. Usefully, he can perfectly replicate the mating and warning call of peacocks. He speaks fluent HTML.